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Website Audit

From R360 per page

Initiate the improvement of your existing website with the help of a Website Audit. 

We delve deep into performance analysis, finding room for improvement and refining user experience. Review our data-driven insights to upgrade your online presence. 

Our comprehensive audit reports will offer you a roadmap for improving what site visitors view and experience and how they navigate your site.

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  • Page performance evaluation

  • Manual (human) page-by-page assessment

Delve into actionable insights with our audit reports. Uncover page performance statistics and receive personalised page-by-page feedback on design and user experience.

Also included in this service

Improve your website through analysis followed by actionable insights. Our audit report helps you navigate through performance data and page improvements. Please note that our suggestions guide enhancement; we do not provide a step-by-step implementation guide. 

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