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Tactics Package

R1 550 per month

Ready to make your online presence count? Look no further than the Tactics Social Media Package, a strategic solution designed for startups and small businesses ready to stand out.

Our approach is all about strategic content creation. We'll design a main content piece that embodies your brand's message, and then transform it into a story that resonates across both platforms.

If you're wondering if this package is the right fit for you, consider this: Are you a startup or a small business looking to establish a strong online presence? If the answer is yes, then the Tactics Social Media Package is your solution.

Let Perspective help you make you mark in the digital landscape.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us, and let's work together to build some brand awareness.

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1x Facebook post per week

1x Instagram post per week

1x Facebook story per week

1x Instagram story per week

That comes down to 16 content placements per month (three static posts designs and one short video post design). We do one main content design per week, which is posted to Facebook & Instagram. That content is converted into a story and also posted to both platforms.

Included in all Social Media Packages

  • Optional monthly consultation to discuss marketing feedback, strategy, etc.

  • Organic Facebook Boosting (i.e. sharing of content to relevant groups & communities) to increase reach without paid advertising.

  • Instagram active follower growth strategy.

  • Scheduling content to post during peak times.

  • Monthly analytics & statistics feedback about your reach, follower growth, interactions, audience & content performance. We look at your audience's location, age, and gender.

  • Content strategy (revised monthly).

  • Monthly content calendar.

  • Posts & stories sent to client's dedicated WhatsApp Business account for distribution via broadcast or posting to WhatsApp Status.

  • Flexibility regarding scheduled content & non-scheduled requests.

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