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Hands-on Coaching


Experience the ultimate in digital transformation with our "Hands-On" coaching package. 

Let's build your business and it's online presence together through a combination of daily WhatsApp availability, weekly formal check-ins, and monthly personalised coaching sessions.  Connect with your audience effectively as we guide you through crafting powerful social media strategies and marketing tactics. 

Our daily availability ensures you're supported when you need it most – from advice and recommendations to solving challenges. 

Weekly formal WhatsApp check-ins bring structure and accountability to your journey, ensuring you're consistently on track. 

Our monthly coaching sessions are intensive progress evaluations that lay out concrete goals and strategic planning for the months ahead. These sessions provide a platform to discuss hurdles and uncertainties, while recorded meetings and follow-up summaries offer continuous support beyond the conversation.

You'll also get access to our in-house client guides (usually reserved for Social Media Management clients only).

"Hands-On" is designed for ambitious business leaders ready to revolutionise their online presence. Tailored for startups and small businesses aiming for digital dominance, this package equips you with the tools and strategies to conquer online.

Daily WhatsApp availability

1x WhatsApp check-in per week

1x 60min session per month

Check-ins will consist of a full questionnaire to follow up on your progress & struggles. Based on your feedback I will provide comprehensive guidance for the week ahead. 

Sessions are more comprehensive and can be in-person, virtual, or telephonic, and will be followed up with an audio recording and written supporting guidance based on our discussion.

All coaching options include

Coaching packages are aimed at helping clients to build their business - specifically with the aim of achieving success online. This includes:

• Branding yourself and your business

• Help with pricing your offers, and knowing your worth

• Social Media marketing coaching

• Marketing strategy coaching

• Coaching on how to connect with your audience

• How to interpret your analytics and adjust accordingly

• Keeping you motivated and accountable throughout this challenging journey

• Apps and methods to optimise your work-flow

• Problem solving and trouble shooting

Let's take the first step together

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