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Guide Me


Discover the potential of your business in the digital landscape with my "Guide Me" coaching package. 

You don't have to make this journey solo. Through our weekly WhatsApp check-ins, I'll guide you in establishing a strong online presence. From crafting compelling social media strategies to assisting with your branding efforts, I've got you covered. 

I'll help you connect authentically with your audience, making your voice heard in the digital crowd. Analytics won't be a puzzle anymore – we'll decode them together and adapt accordingly. 

Stay on track, motivated, and accountable as I assist you in optimising your workflow with the right tools and methods. I'm here to help you problem-solve and troubleshoot, ensuring your online growth. 

"Guide Me" is designed for those who wish to conquer the digital realm while retaining control over their business. It's perfect for startups and small businesses aiming to amplify their online presence.

1x WhatsApp check-in per week

This check in will consist of a full questionnaire to follow up on your progress, highlights of your week, and what you have been struggling with. We'll also take a look at your goals and planning for the upcoming week. Based on your feedback I will provide comprehensive guidance for the week ahead. 

All coaching options include

Coaching packages are aimed at helping clients to build their business - specifically with the aim of achieving success online. This includes:

• Branding yourself and your business

• Help with pricing your offers, and knowing your worth

• Social Media marketing coaching

• Marketing strategy coaching

• Coaching on how to connect with your audience

• How to interpret your analytics and adjust accordingly

• Keeping you motivated and accountable throughout this challenging journey

• Apps and methods to optimise your work-flow

• Problem solving and trouble shooting

Let's take the first step together

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