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Get Digital


"Get Digital" is your ticket to empowering yourself to manage your business's online presence in the long run. 

Navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence through our comprehensive coaching. With weekly WhatsApp check-ins, you'll receive expert guidance to set up your business online, master social media strategies, and create a robust marketing strategy. 

Engage with your audience like never before, helping your brand progress. Our monthly in-person, virtual, or phonecall sessions provide an intensive evaluation of your progress, allowing us to set precise goals and plan for the road ahead. We'll address your challenges, uncertainties, and triumphs, providing solutions tailored to your unique journey. 

Each session will be recorded, enabling you to revisit our valuable discussions, while a follow-up summary will offer additional insights not covered during our talks. 

"Get Digital" is designed for business owners who are determined to harness the power of digital marketing. It's ideal for startups and small businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of digital marketing with an experienced guide.

1x WhatsApp check-in per week

1x 30min session per month

Check-ins will consist of a full questionnaire to follow up on your progress & struggles. Based on your feedback I will provide comprehensive guidance for the week ahead. 

Sessions are more comprehensive and can be in-person, virtual, or telephonic, and will be followed up with an audio recording and written supporting guidance based on our discussion.

All coaching options include

Coaching packages are aimed at helping clients to build their business - specifically with the aim of achieving success online. This includes:

• Branding yourself and your business

• Help with pricing your offers, and knowing your worth

• Social Media marketing coaching

• Marketing strategy coaching

• Coaching on how to connect with your audience

• How to interpret your analytics and adjust accordingly

• Keeping you motivated and accountable throughout this challenging journey

• Apps and methods to optimise your work-flow

• Problem solving and trouble shooting

Let's take the first step together

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