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Brand Kit

From R1999

Your brand can make an impact - you just need the right brand kit to set it all into motion. 

Whether you're a new business seeking your identity or an established one aiming for a fresh image, our brand development services provide a cohesive visual foundation. 

Embrace a unique logo design, expertly paired fonts, and a customized colour palette, all packaged in a comprehensive brand guideline. We dive into color psychology for your industry and present multiple logo options. Make your mark in the market with a brand kit that reflects your authenticity.

  • Logo design with 3+ options

  • Font pairings for cohesive typography

  • Customised colour palette

  • Comprehensive brand kit/guideline

We do meticulous colour psychology research, provide multiple logo options, and tailored visual guidelines.

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Our Brand Kits provide a comprehensive identity foundation – from colour palettes inspired by your industry to logo options aligned with your preferences. 

We conduct thorough color psychology research to ensure your brand resonates with your audience. You'll receive 3+ logo designs, and your brand guidelines will outline consistent fonts and colors. 

With an initial questionnaire and 2 sets of revisions, we work collaboratively to shape your brand's visual assets. Additional changes and consultations billed separately.

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