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Google Ads

From R499pm (excluding third party costs)

Get unparalleled online exposure with our Google Ads Management service. Seamlessly complement your existing social media and online presence efforts with precisely designed campaigns tailored to your business objectives. 

From content creation to keyword research, our campaigns are meticulously crafted to maximize your impact. We manage every aspect, from design to strategic targeting, ensuring optimal performance.

Stay informed with weekly campaign updates that keep you in the loop, and receive detailed monthly reports that provide valuable insights into your campaign's progress. 

Google Ads' cost-per-click (CPC) is billed separately, ensuring transparency and control over your investment. A pre-existing website or Google Business presence is essential to maximize the benefits of this service.

• Content creation

• Keyword research

• Campaign design

• Campaign monitoring

• Campaign report

Regular adjustment of keywords and strategies to keep up with evolving trends.

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Our Google Ads Management service is a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of advertising on this influential platform. From creating engaging content and conducting in-depth keyword research to designing compelling campaigns, monitoring performance, and providing detailed reports, we manage it all.

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