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E-mail marketing

From R799pm (excluding third party costs)

Strengthen your customer relationships with Email Campaigning. Seamlessly integrate email campaigns into your existing online efforts, delivering tailored content that resonates. 

From campaign design to compelling copywriting, our team ensures each message captivates your audience. Post-campaign, you'll receive an in-depth report providing insights into the campaign's performance and impact. 

To leverage this service, you'll need an existing website capable of facilitating email campaigns or a third-party app will be utilised. Costs for third-party apps are billed separately, ensuring transparent and controllable investment. Whether you're nurturing an existing customer base or expanding your reach, Email Advertising is your avenue to impactful engagement.

• Content creation

• Campaign design

• Campaign management

• Campaign report

From animated GIFs to striking designs and images, we'll make sure that your campaign content lights up every inbox it hits. You can monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns with each report.

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It's important to note that you need to have an existing mailing list (and strategy for building that list) in place. If you don't have this in place yet, that's also a good place to start. Reach out and we can assess where you're at.

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